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Links to newsletters or sites featuring the latest news and background information on music, my favorite bands or other related topics.

Musikverein Unterriexingen

Musikverein Schwieberdingen


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Homepages of my favorite discotheques.

LKA (Longhorn Kultur Austausch)



Tuesday: Independance! (Alternative, Grunge, Crossover)

Rockfabrik Ludwigsburg

Except on wednesday you get every day of the week a different style of music ranging from rock oldies, crossover, headbanger's metal to gothic. You get the actual program on their web site along with a list of selected pieces of music for each day, so you get a pretty good impression of what you can expect and if you gonna like it. No charge for admission on monday!!


Campus Stuttgart-Vaihingen

Die Röhre

Stuttgart-Mitte (ungefaehr)

Altes Zollamt

Stuttgart, Bad Canstatt



Club Prag

Stuttgart, Pragsattel



Private pages    Top

Private or business homepages of people I know.

Abilanta '96

My high-school's 1996th final-year class' homepage. They got their Abitur (high-school diploma) the year after I made it. You can keep track of the people and stay in touch with them using this page.

Abi '97

My high-school's 1997th final-year class' homepage.

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Institutions, organizations, web services, ...

University of Stuttgart

I'm studying software engineering at this university. You find some interesting links about Stuttgart, the region and about exploring the World Wide Web.

Hans Grueninger Gymnasium (HGG), Markgroeningen

The high-school where in 1995 I got my Abitur (graduation).


Schwieberdingen-Online, my hometown! A fantastic monument built by a civilization challenged by their own ideals and dreams. A place to enjoy, to rest, to let yourself enter the flow of time and acquire a spiritual state of peace with not only humankind but the universe itself. A gleaming and staggering place, crowded with cheers of lust and joy and heated by the power of their citizens.
It's really worth a look!


That's my new hometown since October 2003.


Nearby towns to Schwieberdingen.

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On these pages you can get infos on what's going on in the region. If you grew bored being locked up at home just take a look.

Lift Stuttgart - Online

Click on "Datenbank" and enter your search.

Prinz Online

Select your city ('Stuttgart' in my case) ...

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